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TIBOR VARGA (1921 - 2003) Violinist, Conductor and Pedagogue of World-Wide Renown Tibor Varga, creator of a new style of violin playing, may be considered as one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century. He performed under the baton of famous conductors like Ansermet, Boulez, Ferrara, Fricsay, Markevitch, Solti ... Since the 1950s he also founded his own orchestras (Tibor Varga Chamber Orchestra / Tibor Varga Festival Orchestra …), with which he appeared as a soloist and conductor. Famous for his sublime interpretations of the classic-romantic repertoire, since the 1940s Tibor Varga has moreover been considered as a pivotal figure in 20th-century music. In particular, his (First) performances and recordings of the Violin Concertos and other compositions by Bartók, Berg and Schoenberg have raised these works to the status of “classics” of the repertoire and given them a prime position in international musical life. Tibor Varga’s repertoire comprises some 1,000 different compositions, documented in part by the “Tibor Varga Legacy”-series.
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