Music for Shepherds and Sultans

Michalis Kouloumis, Tristan Driessens & Miriam Encinas

Michalis Kouloumis

Born in a musical family in the island of Cyprus, the violinist Michalis Kouloumis developed a strong musical conception and sensitivity from his early years. Today he is one of the most important world music violinists, specialized in Greek traditional music, Cyprus traditional music and Ottoman classical music. Michalis Kouloumis is widely appreciated for his improvisational skills in taksim and the use of special techniques, such as diplochordo and overtones in his playing.Website Michalis Kouloumis

Tristan Driessens

Tristan Driessens is a Belgian born oud player, composer and musicologist who is considered “a musical explorer on the edge between East and West”. In his work as a musical director, the exploration of the mutually enriching dialogue between East and West appears to be a frequently recurring thread. In this regard, projects like Lâmekân Ensemble, Refugees for Refugees and A Folk Dancer’s Journey received widespread acclaim from both critics and audiences around Europe. WEBSITE tristan driessens

Miriam Encinas

Miriam Encinas (1982) grew up in a family of musicians, founders of Els Trobadors and L'Arc en el Cel. She began her studies recorder with Sara Parés, graduating at the Conservatori del Liceu of Barcelona in 2001. She then studied Early music with Pedro Memelsdorff, Christian Curnyn and Pia Elsdorfer, Viola da Gamba with Cristian Sala as well as Oriental percussion with Pedro Estevan, Jarrod Cagwin and Vasilis Sarikis. More recently she studied dilruba and Afghan music under Daud Khan Sadozai. Miriam Encinas has collaborated with numerous groups and artists around the world, including Efrén López, Stelios Petrakis, Ross Daly, Daud Khan, Zohreh Jooya, Sendarena, Rusó Sala, Canimas, Roger Mas, Windu Quartet, to name but a few. She is credited on a large catalogue of CD’s: Sagrat Cor and Un pam de net (Eduard Canimas), Parnàs (Roger Mas), Desirem (Rusó Sala) and many others. Apart from being a performing and recording artist, she currently teaches the recorder in her hometown Girona.FACEBOOK Miriam Encinas