the end of a dream

the andi & meicheng project

" this great band called 'the andi & meicheng project' has released a debut single which is absolutely amazing, this is their latest called 'the end of a dream' " and " what a fantastic debut single that is! " UK independent, 2022

THE ANDI & MEICHENG PROJECT is formed by ANDI ZIGON and MEICHENG WU playing with various artists from Venice and all over the world. Meicheng's angelic voice and Andi's unpredictable guitar grooves together with the other instruments form an intriguing INDIE FOLK ROCK sound with SHOEGAZE elements. Andi and Meicheng sing about love, in it's best and worst, brightest and deepest aspects. Their debut single "the end of a dream" is a song about how light love can be and how fast this innocence can be lost, throwing us down and up again on that never ending ride on the rollercoaster of love. Often compared to NICO, MELANIE, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and other iconic bands like JETHRO TULL, FLEETWOOD MAC and DENGUE FEVER, they have developed their personal style and sound that speaks to us directly from the depth of their hearts. the end of a dream: Meicheng Wu, voice; Andi Zigon, guitar; Sandro Caparelli, bass; Paul Mazzega, drums; Beppe Costantini, flute; Artwork by CU Studio Venice, Italy visit the andi & meicheng project on: