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A2D for the fans


Indie electronica music

After some demoscene parties, an european EDM subculture, he slowly fell under the spell of experimental electronic music, undergoing here and there warm influences as a DIY artist, sometimes from far away to finaly become a free, multicultural musician in the genre of minimal tech house. Born on the road, the young boy near the jukebox inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd ; he started art photography and now because he never stands still, follows in parallel music creation based on synths, vocals and rythmic sounds. He targets to stream his music flavor, vibes, in the fans ears to make their nights and days hits. He strongly believes that will make you good memories. His sounds have been listen in more than 15 countries. Kick-start your day with the new single "ECo" 🌴

A2D official on Spotify