Move on for Real


Wolkenpark – this metaphore describes the sound of the quartet of Swiss musicians pretty accurate! The band is performing its own compositions using an attractice blend of modern club styles, funk, ambient, chillout and drum‘n‘bass. All that becomes their jazzy original brand: «Urban Hybrid Sounds».

Coming all from a jazz background (three of the guys teach at Swiss jazz schools), they impress with nasty grooves mixing synthesized sounds, live looping and effects with the acoustic sound of their instruments – trumpet (Kriz Flueler), rhodes (Julien Boss), electric bass (Jean-Pierre Schaller) and drums (Andy Brugger). With Wolkenpark they join their experience of playing together hundreds of gigs in various combinations since the early eighties. If there has ever been a blend of Glasper, Zawinul, Miles and Goldie – here it is.

Wolkenpark Website